I have been getting fillers done for a few years now and recently was looking for a new practice, as my doctor retired. I heard about Revolve Medical Spa through a friend and decided to make an appointment. Dr. Rollins was a breath of fresh air, he was so professional and such a caring individual. He was also so knowledgeable about the face and he puts your safety above all else. I definitely recommend anyone in need of fillers in Queens area look into Revolve asap! Rachelle W.
Dr. Rollins performed by first Botox treatment recently and I am in love in with his work! I have wanted to get Botox done for the last year-plus, for some of the wrinkles along my forehead, but was always too scared of side effects and could never find a doctor that I felt 100% comfortable with, until I had a consult with Dr. Rollins. He is so straightforward and to the point, and unlike most of the aesthetic doctors I met, didn’t try to pressure me into anything and I felt very comfortable with his approach - especially since it was my first time. After a few weeks my results were amazing and I will definitely be going back to see him again soon! Georgina C.
I had never heard of Revolve Medical Spa until recently but I'm so glad I did! They do amazing work and the staff is so nice! Antoinette helped me with rescheduling my appointment twice without any issues over the phone, everyone was so nice! You definitely have to check them out! Alexus V.
Revolve Medical Spa is a great new practice that recently opened up in my area. It's very convenient now having a place to get Botox done so close to home. I had previously been going all the way to the city to a doctor in Lower Manhattan. And Dr. Rollins is such a good doctor, he has an extensive medical background and it shows with the way he treats his patients. I am booking my next session for this week and I can’t wait. Dana K.
Dr. Rollins has been my allergy doctor for the past 5-plus years, so it was a big surprise when he got into aesthetic medicine! He is one of the most intelligent and caring doctors I have ever been to and really goes above and beyond for his patients. I was suffering from very bad nasolabial folds on my face, and it was bothering for a while. I never thought to get something done, until I found out Dr. Rollins now offered fillers like Juvederm. I have already done 3 sessions over the past few months and my wrinkles are under control and I am more than pleased with the service. Highly recommended! Alex D.
My first appointment with Dr. Rollins was a great success! He is local to Queens, with his office right near me in Rosedale so its very easy. Dr. Rollins is a great doctor, very no nonsense, and doesn’t ever try to pressure patients into getting any work done like other doctors. Also, his staff is very helpful and always on top of things. They called beforehand to remind me about my appointment and it was nice to be reminded. They made great small talk with me and I could tell I was in good hands. You should definitely check out Revolve if you are looking for a medical spa in Queens. Ginny W.
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